Our Story

Our family likes to share.  It always has.  When our founder, Jim LaPrete, shared his homemade original recipes with people, they asked him to start baking professionally.  His idea was to get the freshest product into his customers' hands as soon as possible.  That meant baking all night and bringing his fresh bread and pastries directly to the market--directly to the people.

When Jim started, 40 years ago, he and a few others with the same idea helped to establish some of the first New York City Greenmarkets and New Jersey Farmers' markets.

Our family has grown over the years.  His daughter, Kim, has been keeping her dad's spirit alive for 30 years now, and the third generation is hard at work right next to Mom and Dad.  We are very happy to say that most of our staff has been with us for over ten years, and some have been with us since the beginning.  We are very fortunate to have some of the best and most hardworking people at Baker's Bounty.

Easier methods are available and widely used, but we choose to do things Jim's way.  When your friends are all farmers, it makes the most sense to use their trusted product to produce the best baked goods.  If we used canned or pre-processed ingredients, we just simply would not be us, and we like being us.  Thank you for letting us share our family's traditions with yours.