LAST DAY - 27th April, 2024

Baker’s Bounty started with and has always been about family. It was founded by my father, Jim LaPrete, a cheerful, good-hearted man who loved being with his family and friends and enjoyed making everyone laugh. Through the years, most of our family worked at the bakery at some point: my mother, brothers, and sisters,  as well as countless aunts, uncles, and cousins. Today, my husband, Alan, and I lead the way, and our children work with us, too.

With the help of our amazing staff, many of whom have become like family over the years, our business and our family have grown and flourished. We have been so blessed, and I am so proud of all we have accomplished. But now, as our children have grown up and chosen their own paths, it is time for me and Alan to retire and move on to the next chapter of our lives. On April 27, 2024, we will be closing the bakery.

I will always have fond memories of my life at farmer’s markets. When I was 9, I remember begging my mom to let me skip school to go to the market with Dad. That was out of the question, but every Saturday, I would ride with him over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise, enjoying the view of the city skyline on the way to Cadman Plaza, where fellow vendors were busy setting up shop as the neighborhood slept. It was fascinating to see a city sidewalk transform into a bustling market before my eyes. Rain or shine, the community gathered to share in the bounty of beautiful fruits, vegetables, breads, and pastries. I was captivated by the experience, and while earning some pocket money, I learned not only about business but also about life.

My father taught me everything he knew, and after his passing, I took the reins. Baker’s Bounty has grown and thrived with the help of so many, including the limitless support of my mother. I especially want to thank my husband, Alan, who is the greatest part of me. I could not have done it without him.

We also could not have done it without our wonderful customers. Some of you have been with us from the beginning, through both fair and rough weather. Some of you grew up enjoying our treats and are now sharing this experience with your own children. Many of you have become dear friends, and we will miss you terribly.

I am also grateful for the work of our incredible staff. Baker’s Bounty has been blessed with the help of dedicated, industrious, and talented people. Deepest thanks to the bakery crew, who labored night and day in front of hot ovens to craft an astonishing amount of goods. And thank you to the sales staff out in the markets, who cheerfully braved early mornings, long days, and extreme weather to serve our customers. I cannot express my debt of gratitude, and I will miss working with you.

Thank you to the Greenmarket for all of its guidance and support. Being a part of the growth and evolution of NYC farmers’ markets has been such a pleasure, and we wish Grow NYC continued success in its programs. Thanks also to New Jersey farmer’s markets and to all those who coordinated the festivals that we attended.

Looking back, we’re proud of our work. It wasn’t always easy, but doing things the right way seldom is. We maintained our commitment to using the finest ingredients and most effective methods to bring you the best. Now, we can move on to the next chapter knowing that we stayed true to high standards and our values. I would like to believe my Dad would be very proud to see how his baby girl  honored his vision throughout the years, and we thank you for being a part of it.

Wishing you a world of  sweetness,


Baker's Bounty

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